Today is the first installment of At Home Wednesdays, where I will highlight a meal you can make easily at home that can fit into anyone’s macros. Today I’m going to go over the turkey tacos.

I bought all of my stuff at market street for the making of this recipe.

To start off, I use 99% fat free ground turkey just because it has a lot less calories and is more macro friendly than other ground turkey but it’s completely up to you what you use. I take the package and cut it in 4’s. That’s roughly enough to make a meal for me. I take that quarter of meat, and put it on the scale and weigh it out. You want to make sure to weigh out your meat before cooking it so it’s as accurate as possible! After I have the weight correct, I throw it into the pan with some spices. I like to use “salt free Mrs. Dash garlic and herb” along with “Slap Ya Mama” for some extra heat. When this is cooking in you pan, it’s a perfect time to weigh out the rest of your ingredients. For tortillas, I like to use La Tortilla Factory Hatch Green Chile tortillas. I use 2 tortillas and weigh them out, then set them aside. After that, start weighing out any other added ingredients you want to add to your tacos and set those aside too.

Once you have your turkey meat completely cooked, it’s time to put everything into the tortillas. I usually have a little left over meat when making my tacos. You can either eat it by itself or make a third taco if your macros allow it. After that it’s time to enjoy your tacos!

Overall they are about 50% protein and about 400 calories which makes them very easy to fit into any plan on the program. This is also a great meal if you know that the rest of your day will be more carb heavy!