Today’s macro friendly snack I’ll be talking about is the fit crunch protein bar. I really enjoy these and are very to fit into your macros on a daily basis. I buy the snack size bars because they are only 190 calories. The macros on the bar is 16g protein, 14g carbs, and 7g of fats.

They are perfect to keep at work with you so when you need to eat during a busy day, you can just grab one and get on with your day! There are many flavors including chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon roll, chocolate caramel, birthday cake, and many more. I buy mine at Costco and they are very cheap there, but you can also find them on amazon as well. They only sell the peanut butter ones at Costco but those are one of my favorite flavors. I think it tastes almost like a candy bar, that’s how good it tastes! I’m also a huge fan of cinnamon roll. If you don’t have a Costco membership but want to try them out, just let me know and I can grab you a box! I really think these are the best tasting protein bars out there especially for the calories!