Hello Everyone, today I have a great tasting burger go to that is very macro friendly and can easily fit into your macros.

I start off using 99% fat free ground turkey. I use this because it is the least calorie ground meat out there. If you have some extra calories, then you can substitute the turkey for ground beef or bison! I use about 200g of turkey meat to make my patty, and cook it on the grill. For my bun, i use a Smart Bun. They can be found on Amazon! They tend to be kind of expensive, but if you are really looking for a macro friendly hamburger bun, I highly recommend them! The next item on the burger is an egg. This adds some great fats to the meal to balance out some of those carbs. I cook one egg on the stove top and place a slice of cheese on it. After that, it is time to construct your burger and add any other items you want on it! The following items are the items I used:

Extra 99% Fat Free Ground Turkey (200g, 212 calories)

Smart Bun (1 bun, 72 calories)

Egg Lands Best Cage Free Eggs (1 egg, 60 calories)

Velveeta Cheese Slice (1 slice, 40 calories)

The total meal is 384 calories, 19g of carbs, 11g of fat, and 69g of protein!! With this being so high in protein, it is very easy to fit into your macros. You can also pair it with a carb of your choice to make it a full meal like sweet potatoes, rice, or cauliflower tots. This would be perfect for a tailgate or a sports party!

That is all for this week. I hope you find this helpful and easy to fit into your macros!