For this weeks at home meal, I’m going to show y’all my go to for a Chicken Quesadilla.

This meal takes no time at all to prepare, usually around 10 minutes (could be longer if you have to cook your chicken first). It’s an easy, fast meal and is very useful if you are in a rush and you want to cook a meal. I bought all of the items for this recipe at Market Street. The following items are what I used:

2 La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas (125g, 181 calories for both)

Sargento 4 Cheese Mexican Low Fat Cheese (60g, 171 calories)

Pilgrim’s Chicken Breast (249g, 289 calories)

Texas Texas Medium Salsa (92g, 33 calories)

The entire meal comes out to 675 calories, 86.6g of protein, 25.6g of fat, and 47g of carbs. It comes out to be 45% protein!!! With the protein level through the roof, it can be easily fit into your daily routine. A very helpful tip would be to weigh your chicken before cooking it to make sure you’re being very accurate. Also, when weighing your salsa, you should start by taking the lid off and weighting the entire container in grams and write down the number. Then when you’re done using the salsa, you weigh the container again and subtract the two numbers. This will show you how many grams of salsa you ate.

That’s all for this weeks meal at home, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!